When to Review Your Estate Plan

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Once you have done the hard work of creating an estate plan, it is important to periodically review the documents.? Estate plans require some maintenance, like most everything in life.

Here are some common indicators that is time for an estate plan review:

  • You moved. Especially important for a review if you moved from another state
  • You just got married, divorced, widowed or separated.
  • You recently were diagnosed with a chronic illness or severe injury.
  • The estate planning documents are more than three [3] years old and have not been reviewed;
  • A loved one died or became chronically unwell.
  • Changes to retirement account rules, gift taxation, capital gains tax or estate tax laws
  • Changes to laws related to how estates or trusts will operate
  • You want to change beneficiaries, trustees, personal representatives or any other adjustments to your documents.

Estate review meetings typically are billed at our flat rate. Kindly email the office for a quote.

To properly prepare for an estate review meeting, please bring statements for your investment accounts, insurance and annuity holdings. Estate Planning Attorney McManus will use this information along with other data to estimate the net value of your estate and determine if you have a proper Trust, and whether it is connected to the appropriate assets.