Estate Planning Careers in Southeastern Massachusetts

At McManus Estate Planning, LLC, our vision is to become the leading estate planning law firm in Southeastern Massachusetts. As we grow, we are looking to attract, develop, and retain topnotch estate planning attorneys and support staff—while maintaining the atmosphere of personalized service that only a small team of dedicated professionals can provide.

If you believe in providing outstanding service to clients and would like to build a rewarding career in estate planning, a challenging field, we would be happy to discuss one of the following paths with you:

For an attorney with experience in estate planning: You may want to practice with us as an associate or as a member of a new alliance of estate planning attorneys.

For a law student: Explore the field of estate planning with a seasoned, successful attorney to determine if it aligns with your interests and goals.

For an administrative professional: If you are organized, motivated, and experienced in helping to run a business, you may want to bring your talents to the estate planning field.

We are looking for people whose values align with ours and include dedication and teamwork. We are committed to a supportive, inclusive workplace and look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.

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