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Having a plan will almost always result in a better outcome than not having one.  This premise holds true once you decide to take action to protect your assets for your loved ones by working with an estate planning law firm.  Estate planning is a narrow and complex field of law that we make understandable for our clients.

Some common objectives of an estate plan are to:

  • Protect your loved ones from court involvement after you pass away;
  • Minimize the Massachusetts estate tax;
  • Ensure your beneficiaries minimize capital gains tax;
  • Protect your loved ones from losing their inheritance to divorce, creditors and claims;
  • Regulate how your beneficiaries use the inheritance you leave to them;
  • Minimize disruption to a family-owned business;
  • Protect assets in the event of a skilled nursing home stay.

Trusts are used to achieve specific goals.  There are many different kinds of Trusts, so part of our consultation process is to identify what trusts are best suited to meet your needs. 

There is no one “right way” to draft an estate plan, nor is there a one-size-fits-all Trust.  Each plan should be specifically tailored to fit your goals.

Contact our estate planning law firm to begin the process of caring for your family and your business affairs.

Our estate planning law firm is led by Attorney Keith McManus, recognized as a leading estate planning attorney in Massachusetts.

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"McManus Estate Planning, LLC has handled my estate planning for many years. I am very happy with his services and I am pleased to recommend them. My situation is rather complex with heirs in several foreign countries. One of the most helpful recommendations that he made was to have a family meeting with my go-to people that will be making decisions for me if I get sick or pass away, or if my husband does."
"Creating a plan for my husband and my estate was easy and effective. We understood what Attorney McManus way saying as he explained everything in plain English. It's amazing what can be done with a properly written estate plan. Ours is based on Trusts rather than Wills, and the documents are much more detailed and powerful than our old estate plan drafted by another law firm that didn't focus on estate planning. Keith's staff is also excellent and responsive. Highly recommend you check it out."
"After attending one of his seminars, I met with Keith for a complimentary consultation. His caring and knowledgeable attitude came right through. His command of the tax code and legal system is impressive, and we put together an estate plan about four weeks later. Highly recommended."