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husband and wife Estate Planning

Should a Husband and Wife have Separate Trusts?

In situations where both spouses want the surviving spouse to inherit all the assets, which is often the case, a joint trust can be far less complicated to set up and maintain than separate trusts, with less headaches for the surviving spouse.

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Probate surviving spouse Estate Planning

Is Probate Required If There Is a Surviving Spouse?

A common misconception is that you do not have to probate a will when your spouse dies.

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protect an estate Estate Planning

Act Quickly to Protect an Estate

When dealing with the emotional pain of the loss of a loved one, family members also have to address daunting administrative tasks.

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Planning for nursing home Estate Planning

Planning for Nursing Home Expenses

A revocable trust is great for many reasons, but it does NOT protect assets from nursing home expenses.

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Protect an inheritance Estate Planning

Protect an Inheritance from Spendthrifts and Unintended Beneficiaries

My daughter, my only child, recently married a nice man. However, he is not responsible with his finances. I don?t want my son-in-law to have any access to her money or through a divorce via equitable distribution.

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Gifting Estate Planning

Gifting Can Help Estate Plans and Heirs Reach Goals

Despite many attempts at repeal over the years, the modern U.S. Estate Tax has been in place since September 8, 1916. Each U.S. citizen and resident alien is entitled to a lifetime exemption from the federal Gift/Estate Tax called the Applicable Exclusion Amount.

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financial Estate Planning

Be Smart about a Financial Windfall or Inheritance

Windfalls can result from fortunate events, like lottery winning, and unfortunate events, like a legal settlement. Whatever the triggering event, a big injection of cash can certainly be a life-changing event in someone?s life.

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taxes Estate Planning

Take Advantage of Tax Laws Now

If you like the way the laws are today, you need to take advantage of them now, before they are changed tomorrow. In other words, use it or lose it.

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What to know about Trusts and estate planning Estate Planning

What You Need to Know about Trusts

Generally, if you own property, have life insurance and/or have other assets which total over $150,000 (including life insurance and real property), you are a candidate for asset protection.

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