About Us


Attorney Keith McManus is recognized as a leading estate planning attorney and educator in Southeastern Massachusetts. The law firm he founded, McManus Estate Planning, LLC, has helped thousands of individuals and families successfully plan the transfer of wealth to the next generation.

In practice since 1996, Attorney McManus is the weekly guest attorney for the Retirement Roadmap radio show broadcast by WXTK, WRKO, and WBZ News Radio. Attorney McManus—who graduated from Boston University in 1993 and earned a Juris Doctor degree from Case Western Reserve University—frequently hosts seminars to educate people in all phases of the estate planning process.

Attorney McManus, with convenient offices both in Plymouth and on Cape Cod, has experience with both simple and very complex estates. The estate settlement part of our practice meets the needs of clients with properly funded and maintained trust-based plans; we do not engage in probate court administration. We do all we can to help our clients avoid having to engage attorneys for probate court or litigation.

Potential clients often ask us if they will still have ownership and control of their assets if they set up a trust. We are happy to allay their fears. Unless someone wants to transfer ownership for tax or other legal reasons, assets in a trust remain in control of the person who places them in the trust.

Creating and funding a trust is not just for the wealthy. A trust written by McManus Estate Planning LLC can manage your assets in a way that guarantees your estate will avoid the Probate Court process; provide for your spouse and children; create income for a beneficiary; lessen the state and federal tax burden; grow or conserve assets; protect and provide support for children, whether minors or disabled; protect your beneficiaries from debt; and control assets after death. Another goal is to help you make certain your financial and medical choices are followed in the case of death or disability.